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About us

UAB EV sprendimai (Ltd.) was established in 2009 choosing  the renewable energy as a priority. Our aim is to be a reliable leader in the trade of renewable energy. Renewable energy itself is very important for the wealth of humanity as it can decrease the environmental degradation, air pollution, greenhouse effect. The heat and light energy is gotten from the Sun which is permanent renewable and free source of energy. All we need to do is to learn to use it which leads to comfortable and independent life as well as to the reliable investment.


UAB EV sprendimai (Ltd.) has been developing its work in the sphere of renewable energy for five years; we are the professionals, who are interested and familiarized with the studies in opportunities of use of solar, wind, water power. We always follow the newest suggested solutions in technologies and the changes in the law of energetics of republic of Lithuania. We are the company which ensures the useful work of advanced technologies and promotes development of safe and independent energy. Lithuanians believed that it is possible to use free materials effectively by producing electric power (solar power), geothermal heating and etc. The clients of UAB EV sprendimai (Ltd.) have the opportunity to choose the best way to invest after the presentation of the innovations in the field of renewable energy. We take the responsibility to represent the clients’ needs and right in the private or state organizations, to prepare the required documentation of the installation of objects and to do the service of warranty.

Only professional and competent workers are employed in our company; some of them started their work in the field of energetics in AB Lietuvos energija (Ltd.)

UAB EV sprendimai (Ltd.) successfully develops its work, distinguishes itself as financially stable company, reliable partner with the growing number of clients.

We are working for our future generation to have the world as beautiful as it is now.

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